Moisturising Body Butter - 180gm

  • Moisturising Body Butter - 180gm
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Body Recovery Treatments, Moisturisers
Dehydration, D-Stress
$75.00 AUD

Restores optimal moisturisation to lipid depleted areas of the body. This rich body butter absorbs into the skin helping restore firmness and elasticity.

Skin Type / Condition: 

Dry skin.

How To Use: 

Gently massage into skin until absorbed using upward circular movements.


Deeply nourishing and moisturising for ultra dry skins. Excellent for elbows, knees and heels where skin may be thickened and under nourished. Humectants hydrate while natural plant butters seal in moisture.

Key Ingredients: 

Sea buckthorn provides skin fortifying vitamins. Shea Butter protects by combating free radicals with anti-oxidant protection while Olive Butter nourishes lipid depleted skin.