Festivity - Aromatherapy Candle

  • Festivity - Aromatherapy Candle
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Aromatherapy Soy Candles
$64.00 AUD

Full of festive cheer. Warm spiced aromas of Pimentberry from the West Indies. The rich inviting vanilla aromas of Benzoin from Siam, are embraced by a hint of Italian Bergamot and gently lifted through the subtle fruity undertones of Tangerine to create a banquet of festive revelry. Comes in a glass tumbler and will burn for upto 40 hours approx. Ideal for any environment requiring aromatic fragrance.

Skin Type / Condition: 

Aromatherapy Candle Only.

How To Use: 

Burn the candle to fill the room with a wonderful aromatic scent.


Inspire the mood and atmosphere in your space- Festive Cheer and Warmth.

Key Ingredients: 

Soya- Pimentberry, Benzoin, Bergamot and Tangerine  

200 mls