Teen-Skin Actives Skin Kit

  • Teen-Skin Actives Skin Kit
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Oily, Combination - Oily and Dry, Acne
$130.00 AUD

Teen-Skin Actives Skin Kit, contains:
Clearing Skin Wash 50ml
Clearning Skin Lotion (Toner) 50ml
Clearing Spot Gel 15ml
Anti-Shine Skin Balm 50ml

How To Use: 

In a young person it takes approximately 28 days for a cell to travel from the germative stage to the surface. The skin actually exfoliates almost a layer a day independantly of any application of products. During teen’s instability in hormonal changes, can often promote consequential increases in sebum output and can create a build up of debris on the surface. Use of a mild exfoliant can lift debris from the surface, but harsh exfoliants and chemicals can in many cases de-stabilise and exacerbate problems by removing more layers from the surface than appropriate. Excess sebum production during early teens if not properly attended to can develope into blackheads and breakouts. Excessive use of harsh chemicals and exfoliants may also increase skin sensitivity and increase sebum production as sebum is produced as a protectant as well as a means of disposal of toxic waste and cell debris. Teen-skin actives offers a natural no fuss solution to normalise, control and correct young skin during it’s formative years into adulthood and establishing a good skincare routine during this period is vital for the future