Purifying Toner - 50ml

  • Purifying Toner - 50ml
Skin Care - Face
Sub Category: 
Acne, Oily
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Mildly astringent toner combines the triple action of Lavender to soothe, purify and protect. Its natural anti-bacterial benefits leave skin feeling toned, fresh and hydrated.

Skin Type / Condition: 

Oily, acne or breakout prone skin.

How To Use: 

With closed eyes spray a fine mist to face and neck. Continue with moisturiser. Can also be used to refresh inflammed skin during the day, even over make up.


Soothes and freshens the skin. Natural Witch Hazel has a mild astringent action toning the skin. Leaves an anti-bacterial film on the skin.

Key Ingredients: 

Multi-purpose Lavender is ideal for calming inflamed breakouts, anti-septic properties for fighting bacteria that can lead to breakouts and has anti-oxidant benefits to combat free radicals that can compromise skin texture.