About Eve Taylor OBE the pioneer of modern day aromatherapy and drainage massage

Eve Taylor OBE, is known as one of the world’s foremost authorities on professional aromatherapy, skin and body care – Eve is regarded by many of her peers across the world as the pioneer of modern day aromatherapy, with much of today’s modern thinking within the profession coming from her original techniques and methods of teaching. This dedication and commitment has been celebrated of late with Eve receiving her OBE from the Queen and a BABTAC lifetime achievement award, for her dedication and commitment to the Beauty Industry both in the UK and around the world. 

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Eve Taylor OBE has contributed a great deal of time unpaid to her profession as part of numerous education and professional bodies over the last 60 years, contributing an enormous amount of industry experience and enthusiasm. Eve has traveled extensively throughout the world (and still continues to do so today), educating and lecturing many 1000’s of professional therapists- Eve is regarded by many, as a major ambassador for both her country and her profession. 

Eve Taylor OBE is not only known for her lecturing and education, but is also known for her company and its unique products- ‘Eve Taylor (London) Limited’ which is now the UK’s single largest independent manufacture and exporters of professional skincare and aromatherapy products to over 45 countries worldwide. 

Eve Taylor is focused and committed to producing quality products, in our own factory in LONDON- products, that contain Natural Herbal Extracts & Naturally cultivated essential oils and products, that are totally paraben free. Our products Do NOT contain artificial man made or nature identical fragrances – they are cost efficient, yet effective with almost 50 years of expertise built into each product. 

Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Skin and Body Care is the respected brand that is

results driven, visibly effective, affordable to all and above all



Eve Taylor treatments are complete, affordable and cost effective for both the clinic and the client. The cost to the salon for a basic Facial starts at just a few dollars. Results are obvious after only one treatment. There are products to treat all skin problems and stress issues. 

Eve Taylor OBE and the International Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy stand behind every one of their formulas, bringing you a product of rare purity and unsurpassed effectiveness. No wonder we supply the number one selling professional treatment oil in the world! 


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Because every persons’ skin deserves extra special care .....

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